Osel Shen Phen Ling offers regular programs on meditation instruction and Buddhist studies, as well as traditional practices in the Gelug tradition, with regular visits from qualified traveling teachers throughout the year. In addition to our regular program below, we offer educational programs for beginning and intermediate students.  We also engage in special Dharma practice days to increase the positive potential of all sentient beings and remove obstacles on the path to enlightenment.


Guided Meditation – Wednesdays, 7pm

Resumes August 24, 2022

We are back with in-person guided meditations! Join us on Wednesday evenings at our brick and mortar meditation center at 500 N. Higgins, Suite 208 A. We engage in a roughly half-hour session once a week, with both shamatha (stabilizing) and analytical portions of the practice, as well as some short motivational prayers and prostrations. Masks are optional. No experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. Led by Center Director Bill Pfeiffer. Join us!

Exploring the PATH – Exploring buddhism with Don Handrick: Zoom classes

Exploring Buddhism is a new program currently being developed by FPMT to serve as a bridge between Discovering Buddhism and The Basic Program. It is designed to help students of Buddhism delve more deeply into a broad array of topics that form a solid foundation for furthering one’s study and practice. The program will initially be run as a pilot program in FPMT centers to further test and refine the curriculum.

The next module of this program, Prayers and Practices, is still in the planning stages. 

Exploring Buddhism provides a concise overview of the entire path to enlightenment as it is traditionally presented in texts belonging to the stages of the path genre, and impart the importance of and method for meditating on the entire teachings of Buddha in this practice-oriented way.

These teachings are offered free of charge but we do ask participants to please make a donation to help with the continuation of these offerings. 

To register, email us at!

Exploring Buddhism: Exploring the Path with Gen Don Handrick

Tuesdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm Mountain/6:00pm – 7:30pm Pacific March 15 – April 26, 2022. All sessions will take place via Zoom (link to be provided)
Each module in the Exploring Buddhism program is intended to stand alone. However, previous study of at least some modules of Discovering Buddhism, or an equivalent background, is highly recommended before enrolling in this program.

Please email us at for login information or register via our Square Online Store.

guest teachers

Geshe Thubten Sherab – Wisdom in Compassion in an uncertain world – January 14-16, 2022

Our wonderful teacher Geshe Sherab returns to teach for three days on several exciting topics. First, on Friday, January 14, from 7pm – 8:30pm, Geshe-la will give a talk entitled Developing Compassion for those We Disagree With to help us continue to develop equanimity and a kind heart in these troubling times, especially for those who trouble us. On Saturday, January 15, Geshe-la will teach two sessions (10am-11:30am and 1pm – 2:30pm) on the Two Truths: Deciphering Conventional and Ultimate Reality. These sessions are intended to be an introduction to Don Handrick’s upcoming class, Exploring the Truths. Finally, on Sunday, January 16, Geshe will discuss the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation and using Mind-Training as a means to develop more compassion and understanding for others. In light of COVID-19, teachings will be live streamed via Zoom and on our Instagram page, @oselshenphenling. Teachings are free of charge but donations are excepted via our Square Online Store or the link below. There is a suggested donation of $10 a class, but we don’t charge for teachings. Please email us at for the login information or if you have any issues.


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check back as we plan MOre GUEST teachers for 2022.

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